Trent has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. 

During that period he has worked in many aspects of the photographic field, developing his eye for detail and establishing a confidence and style that are set forth in his work. 

Trent is always looking for the unique features that make people, places and things special and capturing that detail photographically is the challenge that motivates him.

Taking photographs for well over 3 decades, Trent has seen trends come and go and come back again.  Keeping current with technolgy and trends is a constant challenge.  Knowing what works and what doesn't cuts out the guess work and allows for creativity without constant reinvention.

Advanced studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago helped form a foundation of photography based on art and comercial development.  Trent brings these skills into every frame when photographing regardless of the assignment.  Shooting each subject from many different perspectives allowing for choices in the end that go beyond the expected.

Trent has gone on many assignments through out the United States and world.  Location photography is a specialty.  Travel light but pack the camera gear.  Exploring the options of each location and the unique scenes they offer while staying on task with the photographs needed can be a rewarding challenge.

Many times the question is asked. . .  "What is your favorite photo assignment?"

Answer:  The one I am doing next. . .